Chest Posture Corrector

Chest Posture Corrector
Body sculpting underwear can be rebuilt, reshape the body curve. Underwear sculpts the body, can immediately sculpture of his figure, revealed a good posture, underwear sculpt the body under the care of his body.
The right concentration of chest, waist, sculpture, and hip action, the creation of skin naturally. Slim and sexy beauty. Elastic material, easy to fit your body.
The fabric is elastic, so it is suitable for your size. The material is super comfortable. Modern clipper-built designation with elegant and attractive appearance.
Material: Nylon, Spandex
Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL Measure under your bust
Small: 23 - 29" (60 - 74cm)
Medium: 29 - 31" (75 - 80cm)
Large: 31 - 33" (80 - 85cm)
XL: 33 - 36" (85 - 93cm)
XXL: 36 - 39" (93 - 101cm)