Nordic Style Hydroponic Iron Line Vase


Glass Hydroponic Iron Line Flower Vase

The plant terrarium is taking us quiet and happy, the most popular ins style, allows us to see the cute design can be quiet and comfortable when we stop at the office, it's will be your best companion.

These plant vases withstand have been tested many times in the initial design period. Choose this perfect size and place this plant terrarium on the desktop. Will not fall down and stand stable, Icing on your beautiful décor

Hand-made glass vases and antirust metal holders. Cylindrical vases for decorative glass vase sets, resistant to high and low temperatures, and easy to clean. The bracket is made of sturdy and durable metal material. If it is deformed, it can be restored to its original state manually. The surface is coated with the most durable aesthetic coating, which can keep it fresh and beautiful for several years

Very suitable for hydroponic or plant-dried flower insertion, perfect for home decoration and various gift ideas. Gifts for gardeners who love nature.

Stand painting on its surface, more rustic and modern. Fits for any home decors in the living room, bedroom, restroom, dining room, kitchen, or office. Nice decorations for placing it on the bookshelves, or cabinet.